ISO 9001 The Standard Interpretation

Third Edition Year 2000 Revision - Sold out and out of print!

The 180-page book ISO 9001, The Standard Interpretation – The International Standard for Quality Management Systems,  includes the full text of the year 2000 version of the ISO 9001 quality management system Standard. Written by a trained ISO 9001 auditor who has led several successful compliance efforts, this totally new edition contains practical advice on how to apply the Standard and identify pitfalls to avoid. Each section of the Standard is introduced with an illustration of its required elements. For each paragraph of the Standard this edition also provides:
  • A translation of the paragraph into plain English
  • A description of the changes from the 1994 Standard
  • A diagram illustrating the core of each requirement
  • A discussion including notes and examples of the best or most common practices to use in carrying out the Standard
  • A checklist of questions representative of those asked by an auditor.

In this book you will discover how to achieve the following:

The third edition of the book also includes:

The Standard Interpretation Provides:

It is easy to read, complete, authoritative and economical. This third edition is fully updated to the 2000 version of the Standard.

This excerpt from the book will help you to better understand what the book contains.

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