ISO 9001, The Intranet Companion

The world’s most important Quality Assurance Standard completely explained in plain English on your Corporate Intranet!

The hypertext document ISO 9001, The Intranet Companion, is a translation of the complete text of the current 1994 version of the ISO 9001 Standard into plain English. Written by a trained auditor who has led a successful compliance effort, it contains practical advice on the application of the standard and identifies pitfalls to be avoided.

When your organization decides to obtain registration to the ISO 9000 standard, you are faced with the problem of explaining the requirements of the standard to the work force in easy-to-understand language.

Deployment of this very readable information on your corporate Intranet provides a much needed solution to the requirements training problem.

The Intranet Companion Provides

On your Corporate Intranet

Based on the successful third edition of the manual ISO 9001, The Standard Companion, this set of linked pages is designed to be placed on your corporate Intranet where it can be easily accessed by anyone within your registration scope.

Written entirely in html, the language of the World Wide Web, it can be read using browsers that are already familiar to Internet users. Each section of the document is intelligently linked to related sections and often to relevant glossary entries.

A Great Value

The hypertext document is economically priced according to the number of people within the scope of your registration. This “scope licensing” makes it easily to afford giving all of the people within your registration scope easy access to this important information at their desktops. It is easy to read, complete and authoritative.

Scope License Price Schedule:

People within Scope Cost for Scope License
1 - 50 $100
51 - 100 $200
101 - 250 $300
251 - 400 $400
Over 400 $500

An end user license agreement must be signed to purchase the Intranet Companion.


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