ISO 9001, The Standard Companion

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The world's most important Quality Assurance Standard completely explained in plain English and suitable for widespread deployment.

The 26 page manual ISO 9001, The Standard Companion, is a translation of the complete text of the 1987 version of the ISO 9001 Standard into plain English. Written by a trained auditor who has led a successful compliance effort, it contains practical advice on the application of the standard and identifies pitfalls to be avoided.

When your organization decides to obtain registration to the ISO 9000 standard, you are faced with the problem of explaining the requirements of the standard to the work force in easy-to-understand language.

This manual is very economical and readable, and provides a much needed solution to the requirements training problem. Why not get copies for everyone in your organization? If you are requiring your suppliers to comply with the standard you may also wish to provide them a copy.

What Readers are Saying about The Standard Companion

". . . this book is a must. It is one of the best interpretations of the ISO 9001 standard." Quality Progress Magazine, April 1994

"Clear, to the point, direct." Harold Gibbons

"I obtained your very readable interpretation - The Standard Companion - and gained much from doing so. It will certainly guide me in preparing for upcoming meetings. Thank you for your work, I appreciate it greatly". John Timson, President, Grace Cocoa Chocolate Americas Division.

"Not only informative but a great value" Jerry Hoover, Membership Chairman, Akron-Canton Section ASQC.

"We found your 'ISO Companion' very clear and straightforward."John Augustus, Director of Operations, ISG Technologies

"Beaumont never fails to explain the validity of taking each step and pinpoints clauses from ISO 9001 standards that state what the requirements are at each stage." American Management Association Book Review.

"My time was better served reading the Standard Companion than in our two day long company sponsored seminar." Douglas A. Spencer

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