Book Review: ISO 9001, The Standard Interpretation First Edition

by Leland R. Beaumont

Published by Simply Quality
PO Box 21
Middletown, NJ 07748

If you are overwhelmed by the requirements of ISO 9001, this book is a definite fix! It could very well be the only implementation tool you require for ISO registration. In its concise 62 pages, Leland R. Beaumont presents the following for each element subsection:

  1. The exact heading and text of ISO 9001
  2. A simple heading and simplified explanatory text
  3. A discussion of the common practices of implementation
  4. A checklist of typical questions an auditor would ask

The author's presentation, in this clear format, first introduces you to the exact wording of the standard. As usual, you will constantly check this wording for implementation compliance. Layman terms are then used to simplify the text, directly followed by common implementation practices which work. Introduction of these common practices sparks your thinking for ideas for your company's implementation. The checklist of questions is invaluable, and you can use it in several ways. Your company internal auditors can use it when assessing your own quality system compliance; you can use it as an assessment tool for determining compliance and gathering objective evidence; and you can use it as an action plan for implementation.

Also included is a calendar of substantial activities for ISO registration. A chart lists the 20 elements of ISO 9001 regarding the various departments in a typical company, showing their responsibility for leading or supporting the effort. A preview of the proposed changes to the standard, scheduled for 1994, is included. The one-page chart at the end of the book shows you the interrelationships of the 20 elements of ISO 9001 and depicts them in common-sense terms.

Interesting observations compare ISO 9000 with Total Quality Management (TQM). Since ISO 9000 is the common denominator accepted for international quality, its requirements are presented as an introduction to the characteristics of a TQM system.

Mr. Beaumont's professionalism and sincerity shine in his book. He encourages you to take the journey to ISO registration and to let him know about your experiences and how he can improve his book.

Leland R, Beaumont has certainly out-done himself. His previous book, ISO 9001 - The Standard Companion, contained the ISO simple heading, simplified explanatory text, and a discussion of the common practices of implementation. His expansion in this book makes it a "must-have" for anyone pursuing ISO registration.

Rosemarie J. Romanelli

RJR Quality, Beacon, NY

June 9, 1994