Frequently Asked Questions About ISO 9000

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Q: What is TL 9000?

A: TL 9000 is the Telecommunications Quality Management System. In October 1997, Bell Atlantic, Bell South, Pacific Bell, and Southwest Bell Communications (SBC) executives invited their leading suppliers to  create a quality management system standard for the telecommunications industry. The result was the formation of the QuEST Forum and the publications of the TL 9000 Quality System.

The purpose of TL 9000 is to define the telecommunications quality system requirements for the design, development, production, delivery, installation and maintenance of products and services. Included in TL 9000 are performance and cost-based metrics that measure reliability and quality performance of the products and services.

The QuEST Forum believes that compliance to TL 9000 will eliminate the need to meet other telecommunications quality management standards. A single standard can reduce the costs for all stakeholders. The reportable performance metrics found in TL 9000 provides a balanced set of measures, and a system to communicate and track results. This allows improved product and service quality, and streamlined documentation.

TL 9000 compliance relies on a foundation of ISO 9001 compliance. For more information, visit the QuEST Forum web site.