About Sponsored Links

These web pages are provided by Simply Quality as a free service to our readers since 1995. They provide factual and objective information to help our readers understand and implement this important Quality Management Standard. In addition to material we have written, the site includes links to many organization, products, and services that may be helpful to our readers. As an experiment, we are including Sponsored Links to suitable products and services from organizations that pay us a fee for providing this exposure. These links are clearly labeled, and do not affect the other content of the site in any way. They do help us pay some bills, and this may help us to continue to improve the site.

I am interested in learning your reaction to this change in the site. Is this information helpful to you, or do you find it a distraction? Do you feel this has compromised the objectivity of the site? Certainly if you have a bad experience with any of the organizations sponsoring the links, we would like to hear about it so we can take action. Please contact us at  info@simplyquality.org to let us know your thoughts.

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